+ Service:
Internet Solution
+ NSI Content Management System (CMS):
Website Content Management System gives you control of your website content without having any programming experience. Now content management is easier and more flexible than ever. This should be YOUR solution for managing your web site content! It is an important feature to thousands of web site managers.
+ NSI Document Management Systems (DMS):
The Document Management System is a flexible solution that makes collaboration more efficient and simplifies even complex filing needs. It acts as an online hub - a central collaboration center - that stores your files, allows you to track revisions, authors and more. Because it's a Web-based system, your employees or team members can access it from anywhere that has an Internet connection.
+ NSI Tracking Systems:
Tracking system (TS) is a software application that allows an enterprise to record and follow the progress of every problem or "Process" that a computer system user identifies until the problem is resolved. With TS you can track Process by priority status, owner, or some other customized criteria. TS also allows the manager of the system to customize the tracking procedure so that unnecessary documentation on the part of the problem solvers does not become a waste of time
+ NSI Online Survey:
Performing market research used to be a time consuming and expensive process, but the Internet has opened up exciting new opportunities for businesses to gain a better understanding of their customers' needs. Our online survey system is easy-to-use administration and has reporting capabilities.
+ NSI E-Support Systems:
E - Support System is the system which enables our client to communicate with their customers 24 hours per-day. This communication includes different categories (Ex: Complaints, Suggestions, specific report...etc) and we provide full control over this system by the manager who is responsible for this task (This control by Day - Date - Time).
+ NSI SMS Services:
Our complete web based SMS-service on your site gives you the possibility to communicate by SMS in a very easy manageable way. Using SMS services you are able to send individual SMS and multi-SMS. Multi-SMS can be sent to pre-defined groups, who are easy manageable. Also you will have different reporting tools to manage your account and your contacts and detailed statistics.
+ NSI Industry Solutions:
Over the years our Internet Consultants have developed Internet Solutions for just about every type of business you can think of. Obviously different businesses have different needs, and sometimes they require unique features that are specific to that type of business. Working from this extensive experience we began to develop Specific Industry Applications - integrated sets of tools designed to effectively serve the requirements of a particular type of business.
+ NSI E-Commerce Solutions:
For any business looking to grow, e-Commerce represents one of today's single greatest opportunities to target new customers and increase sales. Selling your products or services online is like having a shop that's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. And the best part of that always-open shop is that there's no rent or utilities to pay for, no additional fixtures to buy, you don't even need to staff it.
+ NSI E-Marketing:
The Internet as a marketing medium offers exceptional sales and brand building potential for the small or medium-size business owner. Internet marketing is highly cost effective, offers many unique advantages that traditional advertising can't match and almost gives smaller businesses an unfair advantage over much larger firms.